About Us

Our Approach

At The Hope Zone we offer multiple ways for you and your family to become the best possible version of you!  We do this through education (both in person and web conferencing), empowerment (your own personal coach), and connecting you with a community of like-minded individuals.  You determine what you want to work on, and we come beside you to help you achieve it.  Because we are a family-oriented organization, we encourage your whole household to eventually learn and grow together.

Our Story

While doing community ministry in Philadelphia, we had a lot of people ask us to pray for their finances, their health, and their family relationships.  While we believe in the power of prayer (and are happy to pray with you!), we partner prayer with life skills such as budgeting and financial planning for your finances, fitness and nutrition for your health issues, and stress management and healthy relationship and stress management skills.  We believe that everyone was created for a purpose.  Our goal is to educate, empower and encourage you along the way.

Meet the Team


Cheryl Lawrence

Founder & Wellness Coach

Cheryl Lawrence has been passionate about empowering individuals and families to be the best version of themselves for over 15 years.  She was recognized for her service and Community Impact for Families award by Kensington EPIC as well as a Community Leader Award by HACE Development Corporation.  Her diploma from National Personal Training Institute provided her with over 200 hours of hands-on experience, 100 hours of nutrition as well as education in the biology and physiology of fitness.  After helping dozens of people by leading Financial Peace University classes, she went on to receive a Financial Master Coaching certificate from Dave Ramsey, a nationally recognized leader who has helped millions beat debt, prepare for the future, and build wealth.  Cheryl and her husband, Perry, are getting ready to celebrate 25 years of marriage.  Their marriage overcame many obstacles teaching them how to develop healthy relationships, the influence of a supportive community, as well as the importance of a strong faith in Jesus.  She loves the outdoors and her pit bull, Lola, is her favorite walking buddy.

Perry Lawrence

Career Lifeskills & Christian Discipleship

Perry has coached young adults in how to move out of a job into a career.  He personally knows the struggle of becoming an adult without having much guidance in finances and career planning.  But when a group of men came along side of him and provided guidance without judgment, Perry was able to start a career with District 21 Glaziers Union doing what he loved.  He’s passionate about helping others find their passion and helping them understand how to walk with Christ daily through Bible study and prayer.  Perry’s passion for life is contagious and he looks forward to helping young men reach their potential.

Anjail Mason-Scott

Financial Coach

Anjail and her husband, Chris, came to our Financial University class in the fall of 2015.  They didn’t just attend…they worked the program with determination.  Eighteen months later they had paid off over $80,000 of debt and Anjail became our lead instructor for Financial Peace.  Her passion for helping others do the same is evident from the first time you meet her.

Next Steps…

Take our free Wellness Assessment.  This is a great way to evaluate each area of your life. Together we will celebrate your strengths and start setting goals to improve in the areas of your choice.  Your assessment will be reviewed by one of our coaches and you will receive personal feedback.

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